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What is the security group and what is its role?

Protection: The temperature of the water and inside the water heater pressure increase during the hours of heating, the group will evacuate this pressure as drip. Nothing to worry this is normal.

Isolation: there is a check valve (cold water) on the group. If a leak it helps.

Prohibit: a check valve prevents hot water back into the cold water circuit.

Drain the water heater: just manually operate the valve (usually red), once opened, the water pressure in the tank is discharged into the siphon.

Tip to drain the tank.
Before handling this type, remember to turn off the power of the ball the day before!


Diagnostic and repair leaking water heater.
Leakage security group that flows continuously into the siphon.

Several assumptions:
-the security group is out of order, it must be changed. In this case, I refer you to my article How to change a security group without draining the water heater.
Construction cost: 20 €
Time: 20 minutes


-the security group lets a lot of water (a large flow), it comes from the pressure reducing overall installation of the house is out of order, it lets too much pressure in the network and the only place to vent overpressure and the security group, the group of calibration is set by the NF to 7 bar. So as soon as the pressure in the network exceeds 7 bar, the group removes the pressure.
Construction Cost: varies according to need, but it varies between 60 and 120 €


-The water heater leaking at cover or along the insulation (with quite apparent rust).
Unfortunately, the ball is drilled, it is necessary to change it.
Best to avoid any change of the system is to measure the distance between the upper and lower attachment points, usually with a ball of the same brand it has to go, I mean normally :)
Once the new found water heater, you need to buy a water heater kit (see photo) Visiter et apprécier le site plombier paris 17, appartenant à la catégorie Services à domicile
plombier paris 17
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