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Failure of hot water
This morning upon awakening, hot water down :( hassle! will give you the solution to diagnose the problem ...

"Why I do not have hot water? »

In a first time, it will check if there has electricity that reaches the cumulus of the house.
First of all, check the electrical panel if the switch is in the AUTO position and the two circuit breakers to the ON position.
See the wiring diagram.

Step 1: Reset the red button on the thermostat.

A thermostat is a system to maintain an appliance (iron, refrigerator, etc.) at a relatively stable temperature.

After removing the protective cover, look on the thermostat if there is a little red button. Try to reset by pressing it until it clicks. If this is the case your thermostat was set safety and prevents voltage switch (it works like a switch) .Attendre one night and the water will be warm otherwise put the switch in position 1 forced march and you will hot water in some heures.S i you are unable to reset it is that it's HS: change.
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plombier paris 14
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