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Whether you walk in shower or shower more conventional waterproofing your installation is a key issue. This is why it is important to treat the installation of your shower tray: it allows good drainage and perhaps asked simply enough if one complies with the different stages. Here more information about the different options available to you for installing a shower.

What equipment do you need?

- A drain plug and flexible,
- Aerated concrete (+ special glue concrete)
- A silicone cartridge,
- A spirit level and a meter,
- And of course a shower tray.

How to ask your shower tray in a few steps?

- Are fabricating a stand to elevate the recipient

Unless you already have your discharge, you will firstly need to create a base that will leave room for evacuation. To do this, place the receiver in the space provided and mark the outline with a pencil. Remove it and cut aerated concrete blocks in order to have them at every corner markings. Then rest your recipient and draw the center line with your pencil on the wall where the valve will be positioned. The center line is traced 120 cm high, in order to place a marker at 110 cm for the mixer.


- Recess power supplies

Then it is time to embed the hot and cold water supply.


  - Stick media

Once the water supply made, do seal the concrete blocks using the glue for this purpose. Always remember to control the levels in each stage.


- Connect the evacuation

It is the turn of the drainage: mark the ground location of the shower drain and connect it to the drain pipe with a gasket.


- Dress seat

Fix the seat support and place your shower tray to paste it. To adhere properly glue, gently give some mallet.


- Check for leaks

Place the tightness of your receiver! Place the gasket body of the plug and its top and then connect it by screwing with a key. Then perform the seal of the outer edges with the silicone.


- Dress tile shower walls of your choice


- Attach the faucet


It's over!

What precautions should you take?


First, be careful when handling the recipient: to ensure good seal, no changes will be made and it should not come into direct contact with plaster. Then, to be sure that your fan base is properly seated, use at least 4 rigid supports 10 cm² surface to a minimum. Finally, if you decide to add a wall covering or floor plan to lay it at least 5 mm from the edge of the recipient. Visiter et apprécier le site plombier paris 11, appartenant à la catégorie Services à domicile
plombier paris 11
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