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Explanation of the hammer

The stroke of the ram, is a term plumbing. That is, if a valve or a tap is quickly closed or open, and this creates an acceleration or deceleration of the flow of water in pipes. This decrease or increase in the rate often causes the phenomenon of "water hammer," which actually refers to the shock wave created. The power of a hammer is directly related to the speed of actuation of the valve. More actuating a valve will be faster, the shock wave of the kickback will be powerful. According to studies, the average speed of a shock wave caused by water hammer is 1300 m / s.

The consequences of this problem

During the fast closing of a valve, the shock wave moving in the opposite direction to the water supply to reach its point of stops. She later returns to its starting point. These are the whereabouts rapid liquid that give rise to noise and vibration in the pipes. These thuds can be very strong, similar to a hammer, which can be particularly disturbing.
In addition to the induced noise, water hammer often cause breaks in the pipe, damage to the water heater, dislocation of joints, damage to other facilities and equipment, etc. So it is a problem that is better addressed if we want to keep her health facility as long as possible.
Anti-ram the solution

To remedy the hammer can install anti-ram. Anti-rams can absorb the shock wave in a pipe. Found in two types: diaphragm anti-rams and spring water hammer.
Anti-rams membranes consist of a jar which is separated into two parts by a rubber membrane. The first side is connected to the tubing and can accommodate the liquid when the pressure rises, and the other side is filled with gas. Thus, when the first side is fill with fluid, the pressure that the membrane sinks into the gas and has a shock absorber.
For spring anti-rams, the principle is similar except that the resistance is not provided by gas but by a spring. This system is slightly less effective, but it lasts longer than the membrane anti-rams. Visiter et apprécier le site plombier paris 8, appartenant à la catégorie Services à domicile
plombier paris 8
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