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Advantages of self-piercing tap
Using a self-piercing tap will dispense you from having to install a bypass on your water supply. So it is an easy and inexpensive alternative to practice since the installation of a self-piercing valve does not require that water be cut off. It is ideal example to connect smoothly her washing machine. A self-piercing valve is composed of a top who will break the line on which the install. Through this hole, the water can circulate and the self-piercing valve will be able to regulate the water flow.
Install a self-piercing tap

To install your self-piercing tap, you will not need a lot of equipment. In addition to the tap, just need the following tools:
A steel wool pad, or anything strip the pipe
Adjustable wrench
Before asking a self-piercing tap on your line, it is important that you choose the right location. It is necessary that your self-piercing valve is in an accessible location and not too far from the unit that will power. To install, you can follow the following steps:
To ensure the tightness of your installation, it is necessary that your pipe is clean at the tap. Using a steel wool pad eg, strip the part of the pipe where you will install your self-piercing valve. You can stop the etching when you find that the pipe begins to shine.
Separate the valve on the clamp, then separate the two parts of the clamp. Place one side of the flange on each side of the pipe and tighten them together by inserting the necessary seals and adapters.
Once the clamp is in place, check that the tap is closed, then place the tip on the clamp. You can now screw the faucet, knowing that the screwing will be a little difficult at first. When tightening will become easier is that the pipe will have been well drilled.
To permanently fix your self-piercing tap, you will then use your wrench to tighten up the ring that lies at the foot of the tap. Visiter et apprécier le site plombier paris 7, appartenant à la catégorie Services à domicile
plombier paris 7
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