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Why a thermal safety?

If you notice a decrease in the flow of hot water and that the latter eventually becomes cold, it may be several reasons explained in this article. We will see in detail the case where the thermal protection is triggered and the heater went in secure mode.
To avoid serious damage to the heater when it has a problem in case of overheating, for example, the heater will automatically stop. Before turning it on, so it is necessary to reset the thermal safety. This latter is located at the thermostat. For this, you will simply need a Phillips screwdriver and an electrician screwdriver (insulated to prevent electrocution). To work without risk, it will also have to cut electricity in your home at the electrical panel level.

Reset thermal safety!

The steps to reset the thermal safety of an electric water heater are:
As we have served above, the thermal safety of a water heater is at the thermostat. If you have trouble locating it, you can refer to the manual of your water heater. Using your Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws that support the cumulus cover. Remove the cover and screws and place them in a safe place to lose nothing. Thus, you will have the opportunity to easily access the thermostat. The latter is fixed to a plate by means of bolts.
On the thermostat, you will see several notches. Look carefully to see if you see written on one of the notches the word "security" and "safety" in English. On some water heaters will be found the inscription "bipolar security." Failing that, we will find a symbol on the slot. Normally, when everything is working properly and that the security is armed, the button is pressed. If it is not, do it. To do this, insert your electrician's screwdriver into the slot to put the safety on the road.
To verify that everything works perfectly, you will not put the cover back on right away. You will have to put the water heater "forced march" for a few hours. To protect yourself from harm, do not touch the electrical son of the heater while it is on.
If you find that everything works fine again, turn off power, replace the cover and replace your water heater in "normal" mode. Visiter et apprécier le site plombier paris 6, appartenant à la catégorie Services à domicile
plombier paris 6
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