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It is estimated that a water leak in your toilet can cause a loss of 350 cubic meters of water per year, which represents an average additional cost of approximately € 1,000 on your invoice, which can vary depending on your place of residence.
smart tap
Currently the tap which is equipped with most of our WC compensate the loss of water by filling the time. Gradually, as your tank is filled, it's your wallet that is empty.
The company DUBOURGEL just developing, through its fully hydraulic patented technology, the first valve capable of detecting leakage and prevent water loss.
If the water flows abnormally valve remains closed thereby preventing unnecessary fill the tank of your toilet. If the tank is completely empty when flush is that you are in the presence of a leak. Here you are directly alerted to the presence of a leak.
This system is absolutely not prevent your flush run since then suffice to relaunch filling the tank, using a small reset button. One push of the button turn back on the filling system, which will provide safe until the leak is repaired.
This system reboot is designated "positive security", which means it will never prevent the valve to detect a leak and that it will not cause either a malfunction of your flush.
The advantage of this product is its versatility, it can easily be mounted on your toilet and it can be used in low or lateral tap arrival, telescopic body offers flexible adjustment. And as if that was not enough the cock is extremely quiet with a noise level below 10 decibels. Visiter et apprécier le site plombier paris 18, appartenant à la catégorie Services à domicile
plombier paris 18
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