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The walk-in shower, we love, we love it for aesthetic reasons and for its practical aspects. This ingenious system at ground fascinates more.
Set up a walk-in shower is done in a few days. This device consists of a tray without shower or recipient. Water is removed by a bung 90 mm which includes in the floor. Depending on circumstances, the implementation is more or less difficult. In general, the installation of a walk-in shower is done in renovation. Some old houses have a concrete floor and a water outlet in the wall. The mounting starts by the arrangement of the discharge pipe of the wastewater. For this operation, it will:
Bung siphon ground
Special glue PVC
emery cloth
Cellular concrete tiles
Laying pipes
Connecting the drain pipe to the drain of syphonic soil. It has an adjustable output, handling is simple. This adjustment is carried out "blank". The next step is to stall for a slope of two centimeters per meter for the pipes. Once the pipes are in place, the glue comes on surfaces. This special product PVC impact tightness. The fination is realized through sanding. All tubes are now connected. It is essential to ensure the alignment of the plug. The output of the pipeline will be sealed with mastic. Using a level, check the plug, it must be horizontal.
The floor of the walk-in shower - Run chappe

This requires knowledge of masonry. It is enough to prepare a concrete and consisting of using tile falls. These are placed on the ground, concrete is added gradually. Respect of the slope is influential in the success of the installation, it should be 1 to 2 cm per meter to drain. Using a trowel, smoothing the work accurately. Once dry, it may be a coating such choice of polished concrete. Drying takes forty-eight hours.
All confirmed plumbers know implant in showers like masonry in any habitat. The suggestions of these professionals are essential when you want to get into this type of work.... Visiter et apprécier le site plombier paris 3, appartenant à la catégorie Services à domicile
plombier paris 3
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