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Lovers of old radiators certainly this type of equipment in their facilities, cast iron radiators with quarter-turn valves, very old.

Often these valves do not work properly and need to be rehabilitated, is that we're going to do on this page.

First you must remove the tap and clean all parts.
Before rising to delete lead seal and make a tow seal on the valve body, and then install the faucet without screwing thoroughly.

When refitting do not forget to put a new seal tow to serve as a gland, in the manufacture of this type of taps, current O-rings did not exist.

I draw the attention of readers to the fact that these valves do not close 100%, however they have a positive relationship para modern taps, they can calibrate the system, simply remove the handle and screw or unscrew the axle to increase or decrease the flow of water.

Obviously it's still do-but with the well-greased valve mechanism these can last for decades, and mounted on old cast iron radiators, they are quite beautiful. Visiter et apprécier le site Plombier paris 19, appartenant à la catégorie Services à domicile
Plombier paris 19
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