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Opt for a hanging toilet offers many advantages, both practical and aesthetic level. It requires preparation, discipline and good equipment. Find below the different stages of installation, the fixing of the support frame for the installation of the basin, through the connection of the toilet. More technical information on this type of toilet here.

The preparation of the installation

What equipment do I need?
You need first of a suspended WC support frame (applied in or freestanding), a toilet bowl for suspended, a flap and an actuator plate.

Before installing your hanging toilet, you will bring different elements such as rails and stiles metal framing, drywall repellent (with appropriate screws), a water hose connection and a PVC pipe segment.

You will also need the following tools: meter, pencil, spirit level, key, puncher, coach screws, anchors, grease and silicone sealant, adhesive PVC, screwdriver ... but also more technical tools such as a hole saw and a caulking gun.

- Built-in or freestanding wall support?
The choice will be determined by the wall against which you will ask the frame: a frame-wall support (wall mounted) will land on a solid wall called "carrier", while a freestanding support frame (fixable to the ground) leave you the possibility to fix it on any wall and lighter walls.

Fixing the support frame

- Set up to my hanging toilet:
To begin, set your support frame to the desired height (an average of 40 cm height). Visiter et apprécier le site plombier paris 20, appartenant à la catégorie Services à domicile
plombier paris 20
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