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Before disassembling your radiator it is imperative to cut the heating water circuit to avoid damage. For this you can act on the boiler and close the fill button is usually black or gray. If the boiler does not lie to you but is shared with the rest of the building, it will be necessary to wait for the summer so that the heating water is turned off. In an emergency, it is possible to apply the cut overall boiler, but this operation will be charged at full price.
The heating water circulating in a closed circuit, it will also perform a drain after cutting the water supply, to prevent the water from spilling over. To drain the radiator, you have to loosen the bleed screw. It is located on the top left opposite the valve for the temperature control. Please have a container like a seal or a bowl, place it under the bleed screw and start unscrewing. It is not necessary to unscrew completely. It was not until the water stops flowing from the radiator to go to the next step.
Once the water in the radiator flushed, he'll have to do the same to that present in the pipes of the heating circuit. You're going to make it at the water return valve. To locate it, simply look down the side opposite the temperature control valve. This valve is secured by a bolt which is itself under a cover. The valve and the radiator are fixed using a nut. Visiter et apprécier le site Plombier paris 1, appartenant à la catégorie Services à domicile
Plombier paris 1
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