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This is because tap water is too limestone and long-term scale forms on the walls of the shower and in the bath. But how to effectively get rid of these tracks very unsightly yellowish?

Tartar invades our health

For several months now, you notice the beautiful white bathtub that you just bought, chére moreover, begins to turn yellow in some places, while after each use you attach special care to clean it?

Do not get upset because scaling bathtubs and showers is simply inevitable. Yes, like the water we use is too rich in limestone, tartar forms automatically on the walls of tubs and showers, with time, and we can not avoid it.

The phenomenon is growing even more, if we regularly take a bath in the tub and even if cleaning is done in the state of the art. Besides, if you look carefully sanitary equipment in your bathroom, you will notice that the scale is not only encrusted on the walls of the shower, the sink and the bathtub but also invades tiles and pottery, as well fittings, especially the shower. But how to fix it effectively?

Some tips for successful scaling of the bathtub and a shower

There are several tips to effectively get rid of these limescale. There is of course the chemicals used mainly for descaling the bathtub. But in addition to their toxicity, these products often leave often repulsive odors in the bathroom. Moreover, all that is chemical is harmful to the environment.

That is why always I have to use all-natural products, which I remind you is also very affordable. So for scaling a bath or shower successful, you will need: white vinegar, lemons, and coarse salt. And do not forget an abrasive sponge to scrub your descaler "homemade" on affected areas and household gloves to protect your hands.

Start by heating a bench liter of vinegar in a saucepan, cover with coarse salt soaked lemon scaled parts and leave for half an hour. Using the abrasive sponge, brush gently and evenly the walls of the tub and shower with hot white vinegar and rinse with water.

Repeat the operation until all traces of limestone disappear forever. And open the windows, or you may choke you! Visiter et apprécier le site Plombier paris 20, appartenant à la catégorie Bricolage
Plombier paris 20
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