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The bathroom is the room in the most prone to moisture house. Not surprising since this defect directly comes from its use! To avoid excessive condensation, traces of moisture, the paint cracks and mold, simple precautions must be taken every day.

1) Consider aerating

Should be systematically turn on the ventilation before each shower, but also to let it run a while: is usually essential that wicks water vapor and thus prevent it from falls as condensation on walls.

If you do not have VMC, consider opening a window or if your bathroom does not have one, create air currents from adjacent rooms. And even when you are not using preventive "air change" once a day will not be too: avoid moisture in the home starts with regular maintenance will save you a good elbow oil and seals change!

2) What ventilation?

There are 2 possible types of ventilation for the bathroom, like other wet rooms of the house: natural ventilation (air vents) or mechanical ventilation (VMC type or VMR - controlled or regulated). Natural ventilation seems most effective against condensation before, during and after each shower: it uses the natural movement of air created by the temperature differences between indoors and outdoors.

This kind of ventilation can regulate effortlessly humidity and without sound drawback of the VMC. The latter system, mechanics, is however less expensive to install because its action is limited to one piece. Visiter et apprécier le site Info Bricolage, appartenant à la catégorie Bricolage
Info Bricolage
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