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How to make a hole in a sandstone sink?

When you buy a sandstone sink, the hole that is used to move the valve is usually not present. The reason is simple: its location depends on whether you want to have your tap left or right, depending on the configuration of the rest of your kitchen. However, to make your work easier, manufacturers generally provide two possible locations for the tap, they mark at the casting (it's visible if you put your sink upside down - get to keep the handle with care to not spoil).
the preparation

Start by finding these sites and choose the one you want to drill. To make a proper hole and without the risk of splinters, it will have to equip yourself properly. At best, you need a hammer Glazier (ie a pointed hammer). If you do not, you can use a standard hammer with a punch, even a little bit concrete. Also planning a stroke or a small wood file for contours.

For drilling, it must be done from the top so that imperfections are invisible. The important thing is to remain well within the area specified by the manufacturer, because if you type next to the sink has great chances to break. Start by determining the center of the hole and gently tap with a hammer putty (or other) to make a small hole in the sink sandstone. If you are afraid to type next, you can always measure and mark the center of the circle in pencil. Once through the sink, it is easier to evaluate the surface remaining drilling, marking by touching with the fingers from the top. So continue to enlarge the hole slowly until you get near the ends.
the finish

When you get near the edge of the marking provided, it is preferable to use a stroke wood or a small file to the finish. Rappez only from the top down so as not to shine, and so do all the way around to get to the boundary marking, and have smooth edges. Once the hole is the right size and very sharp edges, you can place your faucet should be built perfectly! Visiter et apprécier le site Plomber paris, appartenant à la catégorie Conseils
Plomber paris
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