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The number of fraud and du'arnaques services in service calls are increasing. It is reported a 35% increase in the number of complaints since 2010 against companies payday.
These troubleshooting services are increasingly monitored by Fraud, because the stores do not hesitate to communicate false credentials, false approvals, do not issue invoices and quotes or take advantage of the distress of single people or older to charge exorbitant prices.
Indeed, companies are free to practice the price they want, no regulations impose charges for services. Thus the people were left with door opening bills amounting to thousands of dollars, or recently in Alsace, a young man, mentally ill, has been charged over 4000 € for a replacement toilet.
The increase in fraud is felt especially in large cities, where the demand is very important and skilled labor is scarce. Companies subject to fierce competition do not hesitate to involve unskilled personnel for troubleshooting and service quality is actually immediately felt.
So how to choose a craftsman?

For starters it is interesting to find a craftsman of his town, whether for services plumbing, locksmith or glazing please check with your local council to discover artisans referenced.
You can also check the Yellow Pages or Google. However, it must remain attentive because on the internet, the first choice is not always the best. Search engines and directories like Yellow Pages some offer auction services to display the best payers first. Some artisans spend thousands of dollars to appear in the first position. Remember that the quality of a craftsman is not measured in the value of its advertising budget.
One method you probably know is that the prospectus in the mailbox, under the heading "number useful" interposed between the number of your mayor and the Samu, the store offers to its door opening, repair water and other leaks, you will find that the number is always the same for each of the services. This type of advertising clearly induced the customer error, a subsequent consumer law will prohibit the use of any references to public service media advertising.... Visiter et apprécier le site, appartenant à la catégorie Bricolage
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