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Being a dedicated ex- smoker, with tons of health problems that were made worse by smoking cigarettes, I was eager to find an alternative. It all started around 3 years back. I had severe chest problems, was constantly out of breath, couldn’t play with my children for too long, and had a very upset partner. I knew I had to quit smoking, but was so addicted I didn’t know how I would ever stop. I had tried nicotine patches, gum, inhalators, tablets prescribed from my GP… Nothing worked for me. EVER. I was getting very agitated with myself, with cigarettes, with these phoney ‘quit smoking’ aids. I constantly had my partner telling me to stop, every visit with the doctor I would come home with a quit smoking booklet. It was really starting to bug me that I just couldn’t give up.
I finally found the inner strength and motivation as my babies were becoming toddlers. I would take them to the park and was unable to play with them for too long without having to stop because of breathlessness. Enough was enough. I slowly cut down over a month and went 4 days (I know this doesn’t sound long but for me it really was!) without smoking. I found myself eating more to try and curb my cigarette cravings, and gained almost stone in 4 weeks. I was already slightly overweight as I found it hard to lose the weight after having my children. I didn’t expect to be gaining weight; this was the last thing I wanted. Through all the stress of trying to cut out cigarettes and gaining more weight, I become very sad and borderline depressed. This was a very vicious cycle I just couldn’t break. By the following month I was back on the cigarettes. I just couldn’t stand gaining more and more weight and found it harder and harder to beat the nicotine cravings. I knew I had to find some sort of substitute and fast. Visiter et apprécier le site best e cigarette uk, appartenant à la catégorie Médecine
best e cigarette uk
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