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Sol Homepage:- SOL also known as The School Of Open Learning and its comes under Delhi University. It was established under the Delhi University in 1962 with 900 students.

Academic Session by session number of students is increasing. In 2006 – 2007 Academic sessions number of students was more than 2 lac who enrolled through SOL.

SOL Importance in Today’s Education | SOL Homepage
SOL gives the opportunities to those who are not able to continue their study in regular mode of education, reason could be various such as:-

Financial Problem: – Financial Problem is the major problem in today’s education culture. There are so many students who continuously doing good and getting enough required percentage to take the admission in good colleges. But their family is not able to afford the cost of the regular mode of education. SOL gives the opportunity to this kind of student so that they can continue their study.

Merit Problem: – Merit Problem is the second major problem. There are so many students who are able to afford the regular mode of education. But they could not get the enough percentage to meet the minimum required percentage criteria for the colleges. SOL (The School Of Open Learning) gives them opportunities too to continue their study.

Dual Specialization:- Dual Specialization refer to the dual degree at one time. There are so many students who want to consume their full time in study. SOL allows them to do that, suppose if a student doing MCA through some reputed college on the regular mode of education but he wants to another degree like BA, B.COM etc. at the same time. In this case , he/she can choose SOL as an alternative mode of education and get his degree completed. Visiter et apprécier le site, appartenant à la catégorie Info presse
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